At Kidz Country we believe that safety is a culture and that the focus of individual on safety is of utmost importance. We try to cultivate an all encompassing culture of safety, pervading through all procedures and activities at the center.

Criminal history & FBI finger checks

All staff members at Kidz Country have to undergo and need to clear the criminal history check conducted by the Texas department of public safety. Apart from this they also have to clear the FBI finger print (criminal background) check which validates their information against a database of over 40 Million individuals.

Daily Check In & Check Out Policy

We have implemented a check in and check out policy which we strictly follow. Every child has to me signed in and signed out daily. Only authorized parents or guardians are allowed to pick up the child. Parent approval is necessary prior to the release of the child to any person not on the authorized pick up list. Photo identification of all individuals picking up a child is verified. An administrator is always present at the facility to assist parents, teachers and students and answer any questions.

Medical (First aid & CPR) & Emergency preparedness plan

No teacher is allowed to work at Kidz Country with out being trained in First aid & CPR procedures. This is an ongoing process. We take care to ensure that first aid & CPR certification of all teachers at Kidz Country are always valid. We do regular fire & tornado drills to ascertain that all staff members at Kidz Country are perpetually aware of the emergency procedures to be followed whenever the need arises. We always have emergency children information binders handy even in our transportation vehicles to ensure that emergency information on each and every child is always available and there is no delay in case of any eventuality.