Our Philosophy

We believe that young children learn from their experiences in the world around them and that knowledge is constructed, reconstructed from their interactions with their physical and social environments but not assimilated.
Children learn through their individual experiences with the world. When children build upon experiences, they construct knowledge - infer, generalize, form a mental framework about how the world functions. As they grow into this world they refine and further extend this framework. This satisfies the instinctive urge of the child (All humans in general) to feel more secure about his survival and hence makes him more confident. As the child fulfills this urge he further experiences this renewed drive and curiosity about the world.

Our Approach to Teaching

At Kidz Country our teachers challenge children to make predictions, to explore, to discover, to question, to represent and to reorganize their ways of thinking.
Development of a positive self-image is the building block for the healthy development and progress of a child. Teachers at Kidz Country create and facilitate and an environment of trusting and respectful relationships. We value the unique qualities of each child and adult and respect differences. We strive to create an environment of cooperation and collaboration to enhance the process of learning and working together. The teachers learn the needs of individual children and plan for the successful fulfillment of those needs.